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Our Craftsmanship and Culture

Where Science Has A Heart

With "just in time" manufacturing located in Lawrenceville Georgia, we are committed to producing the finest quality garments, with the utmost attention to fit and on-time delivery. To ensure our compression garments perform with the highest degree of comfort and durability, our patterns are meticulously crafted, then perfected with over a thousand body scans and live fit models. At Marena, superior craftsmanship integrates with leading textile technologies to create cutting-edge compression apparel.

Computer-controlled cutting allows for precise patterns and superior garments

Raw material inspection ensures quality

In-house material prep for speed and efficiency

Our Culture of Innovation

Constant Innovation

We value innovation and partner with medical professionals to add designs that may help improve recovery. Our constant research and innovation ensure we can add styles knowing how the benefits work. That is how we earn the trust and testimonials of hundreds of users.

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A Discovery Vera and Bill Watkins discover the benefits of effective compression when, as an Olympic cyclist, he used a garment Vera designed and experienced the healing results. They founded the Marena Group.


Manufacturing Marena launched their own just-in-time manufacturing division just north of Atlanta, Ga.


Patented Fabric Looking for benefits and innovation that was not available on the market, they developed the first version of the now patented ComfortWeave fabric through partnerships with leading US textile mills.


Global Growth Marena collaborated with surgeons around the world creating increasing global demand and expanded the USA manufacturing facility.


Recognition Awarded the 'Small Business Exporter of the Year' from the state of Georgia in recognition of Marena's international success.


More testing and growth Marena expands its partnerships with leading U.S. plastic surgeons to test design innovations and patient comfort to improve patient care.


Awarded "Grand All-Star" by Apparel Magazine for Marena's achievements in textile engineering, corporate culture and manufacturing excellence.


New product lines:
Marena Shape and Marena Sport
Introducing collections to bring the benefits of compression to everyday shapewear and activewear.


ISO Certification Marena earns Certification ISO 9001 for Quality, and later earns ISO 13485 as a medical device company.


Investment and Expansion Riverside Investment Co. acquires The Marena Group recognizing Marena's potential as the leader and innovator in medical-grade compression.


Growing Compression Online As patients and consumers alike discover the benefits compression, Marena launches a new e-commerce platform to provide access to products, more education on benefits and help with custom orders.


Investment and Expansion Marena partners with NASA to develop compression garments for astronauts, submits two patent-pending designs, launches Recovery Bra and Easy On Camisole collection with pockets, embarks on new medical and retail partnerships.

Marena partnered with NASA in 2017 to develop compression garments for astronauts

Discover How Compression Benefits You

The Science of Recovery

Designed with doctors, then engineered with our patented fabric for comfort, fit and recovery.

Explore Marena Recovery

Man and woman lounge on a porch wearing Marena Recovery compression garments

The Science of Shape

The benefits of compression with comfortable designs for everyday support and confidence.

Explore Marena Shape

A woman wearing a black Marena compression bodysuit and holding a cardigan

The Science of Sport

Targeted compression activewear which may help performance and improve recovery.

Explore Marena Sport

A woman plays tennis while wearing Marena Sport athletic compression gear